07 – The Heaven & Hell!!!

Well, I ask this question from a friend of mine, “do you believe in life after life?”, which he answered “Yes”. And I asked, “How do you know there’s a life after a life?” which he could not answer… Yes, non of us can answer that question. But, one way or another, in one level or another, we all are believing in a life after a life… In hell or heaven, with  gods or daemons…

This makes a second question, if there’s a hell, what it is looks like? and what’s actually going on there?  By the sound of it, the Hell is not looks good. and we all are afraid of it… Just for a moment, lets forget about the heaven and think about hell. Well, it’s been described in every religion or philosophy. and everywhere it is referred, it is the worst place to be. Anyone who go there get badly punished. Torturing, burning, starving, …, … for a prolonged period of time. Well, different people says different things, but for everyone, this hell is the place of all bad things. and we may go there…

And since this hell thing is a reality, who is going there? and what should we have done to get there?I believe no one is going there intentionally. So, this overwhelming question, “how is going there?” The answer you find from anywhere is “The Bad guys are going there!!!” Who are those bad guys? They are all those, who do harm to others, or themselves… Murderers, thieves, …, …  And I think you get the idea… Bad guys go to hell.

The heaven is the other side of this. People who do good, go to heaven. Heaven is the good place with all the luxury and comfort, the place which fulfills your every dreams… And people who helped others, supported innocent, goes there… this is clear… and it is said everywhere…

Then I have this question for you… If you get to hell or heaven, are you there eternally? till no end? or are you coming back as humans? Does the punishment in hell for some one ever ends?  or the glory of you in heaven ever ends??? I need an answer…

Well do you have an answer for me???



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5 responses to “07 – The Heaven & Hell!!!”

  1. Priyankara says :

    kamma vipaako achintyo…

  2. Priyankara says :

    do not miss the rare opportunity you have got you will die soon just like others and i hurry come to Dhamma it will make you safe in the sansaric journey

  3. Nisala says :

    Well, Thanks for the comment Priyankara. But that would be so healpfull if you can discuss the subject in hand. For all of us.

  4. Chathu says :

    According to my knowledge, GOD disappear from heaven when they finished their merit and get another birth in a place,fit to their sin and merit. But don’t have a perfect idea about the hell.

  5. Roshana says :

    My answer for question no 1, No.. Because if we had to life after life.. There are no humans or animals and Only one life in the world. because one life end after reborn again that life.Then never born new life. That’s why I am telling to we had no second life.

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