o6. Oh My “ GOD”



I am sorry for staying away from my blog for a while. I know, it did not got updated with the momentum it initialized. I was busy with things and lately, for the worse, I am suffering from a mysterious sickness, which never seems to leave me now.


What drove me to this chapter of the blog is, a mail sent to me, by one of my reader, regarding a mass mass destruction which is scheduled on 1st of February 2019. It is all about an steroid coalition story. Well, I know the sender of this mail personnel, and she have developed an enormous interest on the concepts of my blog after reading them. I know she spend hours reading about Nibiru and Anunaaki’s And the embedded picture of this writing is the one adopted from her mail.

Well, these are the concepts we were discussing a while back. But if we are to summarize it, we know there’s a mass destruction coming in. and we know somehow, few of us will be able to survive it to build up a new civilization. And during the last 10 years, as the communication and collaboration technologies permit every individual to read and write to those opinions around the globe, this idea get popular then ever.

Lets not fear. as it was in the past, gods will be there on the earth to save us. Not all of us. But at least those people who lives a pure life according to the gods will. And dear god will help us to overcome the situation. I am sure on this because, god helped us in Egypt a long before, God help Nova once, God helped Mayans and Sumerians. And he will save us too.


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