04. I want to Believe


images I want to believe that every thing our ancestors did believe had a meaning. I want to believe, everything we are believing in today has meanings. and I want to believe there  is a truth behind the shadows of all myth. And I want to Believe…

We all have heard about the "Pyramids" of Egypt. So many times, we actually did wondered about them. And they were "tombs", housing the great great Pharaoh kings been in Egypt. We actually wonder why should a tomb be this much in size for the king? In modern day, a pyramid of that size can easily house an entire population of a city. was that the only function of the pyramid to house the dead royal family? I seriously doubt. If that is so, what did they believed in?

If you are going through Wikipedia; you will find this pyramid concept is not unique to the Egypt or to Pharaoh. It was there through out all the ancient human civilizations which rolled in different eras. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pyramid.)  So, I ask why pyramids?…

Answering the great question requires views in different angles. Basically, I see today, pyramids are Massive Hollow structures with a pin pointed top. Throes Hindus in India builds temples with equal qualities. and in Sri Lanka there are so many "dagobe" which share the same qualities, except the shape. They all are hollow, Giant, have a sharp pointed top either made by metals or metal coated. Muslims build an structure with somewhat matching features… Well, again, we are back to the place where we began. Those constructions were guided by the religion. for religious purposes. And that’s why the ancient Mayans used the top of their pyramids for human sacrifices.

It was the religion, which was behind all this. Sumerians, Babylonians, Mayans, Aztecs, Inca’s, Pharaoh, it may be a different location or a different period of time. but Why did they all do the same thing? Did they al believe in the same thing? or a same God? or what? Why all these civilizations behaved in one pattern through the history? Inside those pyramids, what we find are the wealth, maybe gold, may be diamonds, but wealth. Why did they build those structures and store their best piece of wealth in them? Did they see some forthcoming un-avoidable disaster? All of these great civilizations are now gone. Did they foreseen it? And, was that the reason behind those pyramids? And was it a disaster which suppose to occur from time  to time, vanishing great civilizations existing, no matter how powerful they are? And most specially, those graphics we find inside the caves, pyramids, are they telling us the story behind all..?

I want to believe… There should be something behind this…


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