02. Beliefs



If there is a force that keep humans awake and motivated, I will call that force,  "Belief". It is the sole true reason for all our decisions, all our hope, all our civilizations, and it is the reason for humanity. And belief is the the line between humans and animals.  And I remember, the theme of the Fox Molder was "I want to believe" too.

Fox may have nothing to do with you, but.. the belief has. For every second of our life. We believe in people, we believe in religion, we believe in god. Well, GOD was a concept which refers to a "Heroic" character, who is believed to be created and rule the world and the life in it. According to some civilizations, there is only one such hero, but according to some, there are multiple, and in some cases, there are 330Milions of them!!!.

True or falls, believe it or not, we believe in gods, or a kind of a hero. instead of god, I would rather prefer using the word "Hero", since it drops the Faith part and make much more sense. The old "Mayas" who created an amazing civilization, did believe in "God". A many gods. or simply Heroes. They believe their civilization was started by Thoth and other of his fellow gods. And they believe those gods do visit them repeatedly. They believe they care, and protect. They construct for them. Their temples and cities build on their faith. They Sacrifice, the most precious thing ever, "Human Blood" for gods, to show them the respect. To mean them they are belonged. and… on.

This is not a unique feature of the Mayan Civilization. it was there with Romans, it was there with Egyptians, it was there with Incas, it was there with all the civilizations ever bourn. The mail force of their development in their own unique way is the "Belief" of their own. And as we speak, this belief of various people on varies things are keep on driving our lives every day. The Former President of united States declare a war against terrorism believing that will give the world a better life. And in India, Muslims, Hindus, and Catholics fight each other because they "Believe". US is developing military technology with their first priority because they believe that they are in threat.    

Belief is an amazing thing. It starts with no reason. it is hard coded into your bones. As you have beliefs, you fight your life to prove the world, your belief is true. And it is here the word "Science" come to the life. "Science", as I believe is a "Set of generally accepted beliefs." their you make a common platform for your individual beliefs to get together. You burrow beliefs of others, you mach different beliefs, and you involve in the process called "Researching", looking for more evidences to prove what you believe. Well, I believe, our beliefs are taking us away from the true nature of the universe. I believe, our beliefs are narrowing our minds, only to what we believe.

Beliefs, do also follows the Natures rues. "The survival of the fittest." The belief which has more facts for convincing, become the general belief, over the other facts. Maybe the true can be there with those other facts. I remember, with no offence, Catholics do believe, that Mary was a virgin as she give birth to Little Christ of Jesus. This may be true. May not be true. but the common belief of our age (Called Modern Science) states it is nearly impossible. But we still do Believe…


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