01. The World is Flat…



In this very first instant, I remember my first encounter with a computer. This may sound a bit creepy, but for those who actually "Knows" the the situation here on earth is not equal in every place you find, Even today you can find people who have never seen a computer up-to-date. Well, this is not what I am going to talk about, but, that was a nice experience. And I still do admire it. also the people in it.

I remember, A decade ago, we have learnt about Internet, and we knew the technology which was developed along with it. But we had never seen it. But eventually the technology developed, and become cheap. and now after on  decade, nearly everybody uses Internet and its applications for daily basis. And its affordable for a school kid.

Last week, I had to attend to a workshop, Even though it is not meant for us, I had a chance to sneak peek a bit and grab a bit of it. (This was with me, ever since I was known to myself) And they plaid a video. A some speaker, speaks to a school of Students, the title was "The world is Flat" When I Google, there it was, with wikipedia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_World_is_Flat 

It was pretty convincing at the beginning, the modern architecture of the the communication and information publication is possible for everyone. As, right now, I am writing this little note. But, is it really flat? Well, for an instant, Wikipedia; the common information source on earth; do contains a load of articles written by various writers, that are non true. that’s is keeping the wikipedia administrators busy day and night. to keep it clean. It was only a little example.

When we were so young, we heard a lot of tales, from the grand-ma; about brave Princes, heroes saving the world. they may be just tales, and what ever we believe today, those tales are still a huge chapter of our civilization. And still those people on earth, do believe in heroes. From location to location, from time to time, the attributes of these heroes do change, but keeping one thing in common, they all are saviors. And yet, people do need them.

I believe, every child who born on earth, do have this "Looking for Heroes" attributes written into their bones. (BIOS). And that is why, those heroic stories get enormously popular over a single night. it may be Clark Kent, may be Michel Knight, or may be Harry Potter. Or if you are bourn in the "right place in the right time" it may be lord Buddha or the Christ of Jesus.

Here, our civilization on earth, build on heroes. it dose not matter if you believe it or not, but that is the simple truth. And it is the same reason why we have this much of conflicts here on earth. You believe in one hero, and your neighbor believes in another. So for apparently for non other valid reasons, you both don’t talk with each other. Remember the way you argued with your friends on the pre school, on your heroes. And this is the true reason for what happen recently in Mumbai, and this is the same reason for "Holy War" One may easily get offended, since I am dragging you from heroism to the religions. But on my point of view, it all depends on our faith, and belief on heroes. And yet we fight for their excellency.

In this scope of view, all religions and civilizations do comes to a single summarization. they originated and relied on heroes. From old Egyptians to Modern Catholics. And what if we suddenly loose our faith in those heroes? Dose that pot a stopper to our Civilizations?

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